We would like to express our many thanks to all of our past customers near and afar for their business we have enjoyed the past 17 years of transforming their properties with new landscaping and Artificial Turf. We have been offered some other opportunities that we are going to pursue, we will still be around for our former customers should they need us for advice, a future install or for a recommendation to one of their friends. Although we are not totally leaving the Artificial Turf industry our time will be limited and we will only be able to take projects on as we can do them. We welcome any new customers, you may have to wait for our services, the dedication, experience and quality we show to every project is worth the wait. The owner and founder of the 19th Hole Turf Bill Hoskins is a pioneer in the Artificial Turf industry with 17 years experience, he is responsible for a few hundred installs.

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