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Proper Installation of Artificial Turf

There is only one way to install artificial turf, the correct way. Artificial turf is an expensive proposition and its long-term durability relies on proper installation, the 19th hole turf has been installing artificial turf for 16 years, the system we use was developed by us, we provide the customer with a professional installation that will last for years. If there is an existing natural lawn in the area it must be removed to a depth (4-6inches) this will allow enough gravel and sand to permeate rain water that runs through the artificial turf and provide a solid foundation for the artificial turf to be laid on. Unlike sports fields that have thousands of pounds of infill material like rubber crumb and sand holding the turf down, artificial turf for residential and commercial applications is better pinned to the ground in a grid pattern throughout the turf and around the perimeter, the artificial turf expands and contracts much like carpet, the more it is held down the better, we have done this since day one, it is better than using a sand infill material which can get very compacted over time and is a median for weed growth into the turf. The artificial turf you choose is also very important, check the warranty should be 8-10 years, make sure the company can back it up, is there workmanship guaranteed, does the job become certified, check out the companies your thinking of hiring for some jobs that were done a few years back and see how things are holding up with the install.

Artificial Turf vs Real Turf 2017

Real grass needs to be irrigated, mowed and fertilized periodically to maintain a healthy lawn. Some sort of pesticide would be needed in case of insect pests like grubs etc, that make their way into your lawn. Artificial lawns are much easier to care for as they require no mowing, watering, fertilizing or irrigation and do not attract insect pests. Artificial turf can also make it easier to clean-up around the home as there is no mud or grass tracked in, unlike real grass. It used to be that people were having trouble getting past the look and feel of artificial turf compared to real grass, but with technology, artificial turf manufacturers have incorporated brown thatch, multi- coloured blades to artificial turf to mimic the real thing. The blades are much softer now too and are enjoyable to walk on. Both real grass and artificial turf have an environmental impact. Real grass acts as filter for run off, artificial turf uses no fertilizers or pesticides so its runoff is cleaner. Real grass stays cooler than artificial turf which does absorb heat, but not worse than all the asphalt and cement in cities or towns. Mowers and trimmers create emissions and add to noise pollution. Artificial turf costs significantly more than real grass, but these costs are recouped over time as the maintenance costs for artificial turf are minimal. Both turfs have advantages and disadvantages, so consider these before making your choice.

Is Artificial Turf a Good Investment?

images-1How often do you purchase something and feel you have made a good investment? The truth is, many things are not a good investment, but are necessary for day to day life. Artificial turf is a good investment. Besides the up- front cost, savings are realized almost immediately after installation, there is very low maintenance, you don’t have to purchase fuel, your water bill will be reduced, no purchasing fertilizers or chemicals that are harmful to the environment, beautification of an unsightly area and more time to enjoy life.

The 19th Hole Turf has removed many existing natural grass lawns to replace them with artificial turf. Customers are always surprised to learn their natural grass is not recycled but dumped in the landfill, which is not really the best investment when you consider all the time and effort that went into maintaining it over the years, Artificial turf installed properly will exceed warranty which can run up to 10 years in length, with the new generation of artificial turf coming out its more likely twenty years, providing real savings to the customer over this time period. Your initial investment often is recouped with-in 2 to 3 years with an average size artificial turf installation. How many things can you purchase today that will start saving you money after the initial investment is paid for?

How Long Does Artificial Turf Last?

100_1982Customers and prospective customers always ask the question, how long does the artificial turf last? The 19th Hole Turf has been a supplier and installer of artificial turf since 2001.In the early days of the artificial turf industry, up until this point it had been the short piled putting green material much like they used for the stadiums around North America. Then came the introduction of the artificial lawn turfs, a higher piled turf used for replacement of natural grass lawns. We ins

talled our first artificial turf lawn in 2003 and were very curious ourselves as to how the artificial turf would stand up to uv, rain, cold weather etc., even though our product has a very strong warranty. Proper installation of the artificial turf along with proper maintenance to the are key factors in prolonging the life of the product. Keeping the turf clean, by removing leaves, debris etc., washing off the artificial turf periodically to remove any substances such as soil that may fall or collect on it, will keep it looking great We have been back to many of our projects over the years. Some that were installed as far back as 2004 and the product still looks great and the customers continue to enjoy it. Artificial turf lasts a long time


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Artifical Turf For Rooftops

rooftop2Artificial turf works great for rooftops! Many residential and commercial buildings have flat roofs that are coated with a torched on membrane that is different from a traditional sloped roof that has fiberglass shingles. The result is some of these flat rooftops are actually decked areas for the people to enjoy, options are either to leave as is or put down concrete step stones or rubber tiles on the surface all of which create heat zones, artificial turf is a great way to cover these areas it gives a nice soft area to walk on, keeps the surface area easy to clean and can extend the roof life by taking all the wear and tear.

rooftopArtificial turf is 100% permeable as it has drain holes manufactured into the backing so your rooftop will drain as it always did, the artificial turf is not affected by the elements, has a strong UV and is not affected by sun and rain. If the roof ever needs repair just roll up the artificial turf and lay it back down. Rooftops with artificial turf open a lot of possibilities for increasing your livable space and should not be overlooked.

Child Care Centre Installs Artificial Turf

100_1672 (Large)19th Hole Turf was contracted in March 2015 to replace the existing backyard natural grass for a child care centre in Saanich B.C. with an artificial turf surface. The problem they were experiencing is a common one on the west coast, very wet weather over the winter months along with very little sunshine, the result kids tracking mud around everywhere including home with them at the end of the day. Exercise is important for little ones, so a safe mud free place to play was important not only to the centre and parents but equally to the 19th hole turf, Low maintenance of the artificial turf was also very important to the centre as they are open five days a week with very little time between sessions to upkeep the area.

100_1680 (Large)The installation of the artificial turf began with removal of the existing grass surface, installation of base material for drainage of the artificial turf surface also to provide a stable sub strait for the constant use of the area by the centre. The artificial turf surface was reopened to rave reviews by the owner of the centre, children and their parents, the area is now safe and usable year round without any loss of use do to inclement weather conditions.

The 19th Hole Turf Reflects On 15 Years In Artificial Turf

IMG_2225 (2) (Large)How time flies when you’re having fun installing artificial turf! With 2015 almost in the books we thought it time to reflect on a journey that began in 2001 with our first artificial putting green install in Victoria B.C and the first artificial turf lawn installation in Victoria in 2003 to today where we are celebrating a few hundred installs of artificial turf from Greater Victoria, Vancouver Island to Vancouver and the lower mainland. Customers often ask why we got into artificial turf, simply because we felt a need to be providing something different to potential customers. Starting out as one of the many landscape companies in Victoria B.C. it became apparent early on that we did not want to offer the same old traditional landscaping, we wanted to give customers options, we also felt that since the artificial turf industry was in its early stages it would only improve with product innovation, technology and customer awareness.

IM000044 (Large)To better understand the artificial turf industry we took a trip in 2004 down to Georgia in the U.S.A to visit with the manufacturer of the artificial turf to see all stages in the production of artificial turf, up until this time we had just been ordering the turf from samples provided by the manufacturer, it was an eye opening experience. Around the area we were taken to see some of the many applications for artificial turf which included rooftops, playgrounds, medians, sports fields endless possibilities, up to this point we had been installing putting greens and lawns as artificial turf was still relatively unknown in the area. We have now installed artificial turf for almost every imaginable application known to mankind, maybe some are a little weird, and sometimes it’s good to be different.

Sannich Cul-de-Sac Livens Up Their Median

  In October 2013 the 19th Hole Turf was contacted by a Victoria strata to beautify an overgrown median in their cul-de-sac.  The local residents were tired of trying to keep up with the inherent mess that had become of their street and artificial turf seemed like the perfect solution as there was no source of water to the median.  The 19th hole presented some ideas for implementing a small artificial turf putting green, along with some artificial grass, drought tolerant plants, and landscaping rock. All of which would create a maintenance free and fun alternative for the median.  The plan was well received by the residents and the go ahead was given. The median was transformed into a useful area that is now almost maintenance free.  The artificial turf putting green is used by everyone including all of the children in the neighbourhood, and the artificial grass looks great!  The best part of the transformation is that the artificial putting green and artificial turf grass never need to be mowed, watered or fertilized. Artificial turf is a great alternative to grass for areas like a median that is in the middle of a roadway and would be very unrealistic to maintain.  With the implementation of artificial turf it has become a very useful area for all the residents to enjoy, the putting green will be a big hit for both residents and visitors alike.

Artificial Turf: Perfect Option for Small Yards


The 19th Hole Turf has been contracted year in and year out to fit many small areas and yards with Artificial Turf.  Small yards are becoming more common these days as people look to cut back on the maintenance of their yard. Either an artificial turf putting green or artificial grass can substantially cut down on your maintenance costs.  These alternatives also save you money as they require no irrigation system, no purchase of a lawn mower, and no need for fertilizer.  Small yards are a perfect candidate for artificial turf as the turf can turn a crowded, displeasing yard into a yard that is brightened up and can be enjoyed by everyone.  Therefore, whatever the size of your yard, big or small, artificial turf has the ability to transform your yard into a beautiful, cost-effective, and enjoyable environment.


Our Artificial Turf is Made in the U.S.A.

A question we are often asked is where we get our artificial turf from.  The 19th Hole Turf has our artificial turf manufactured in the state of Georgia, U.S.A by one of the oldest and most experienced manufacturers in North America.  The company is aligned with one of the top producers of the raw product needed to make artificial turf.  This makes it easy for them to always be on the cutting edge of new products and innovation.  With 11 years experience installing artificial turf, The 19th Hole Turf has seen many different types of artificial turf from many areas of the world.  We have also had many offers from companies worldwide to carry other brands of artificial turf.  Switching products was of little interest to The 19th Hole Turf as we are supplied a quality product.  They are responsible for the manufacturing of 2500 athletic sports fields around the world.  At The 19th Hole Turf , we believe that a quality manufacturer goes a long way.  Our manufacturer provides artificial turf to a selection of qualified dealers only, which provides a quality product that is installed properly by professionals. Our manufacturer is a member of the synthetic turf council which oversees the artificial turf industry in North America setting the standards for a quality product.  Knowing that they belong to this organization is another reason why they are our manufacturer.  They have a proven track record with many years in the artificial turf industry which helps us to provide the end user our customers with the upmost in quality. Experience and quality definitely goes a long way!