How Long Does Artificial Turf Last?

100_1982Customers and prospective customers always ask the question, how long does the artificial turf last? The 19th Hole Turf has been a supplier and installer of artificial turf since 2001.In the early days of the artificial turf industry, up until this point it had been the short piled putting green material much like they used for the stadiums around North America. Then came the introduction of the artificial lawn turfs, a higher piled turf used for replacement of natural grass lawns. We ins

talled our first artificial turf lawn in 2003 and were very curious ourselves as to how the artificial turf would stand up to uv, rain, cold weather etc., even though our product has a very strong warranty. Proper installation of the artificial turf along with proper maintenance to the are key factors in prolonging the life of the product. Keeping the turf clean, by removing leaves, debris etc., washing off the artificial turf periodically to remove any substances such as soil that may fall or collect on it, will keep it looking great We have been back to many of our projects over the years. Some that were installed as far back as 2004 and the product still looks great and the customers continue to enjoy it. Artificial turf lasts a long time


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