Is Artificial Turf a Good Investment?

images-1How often do you purchase something and feel you have made a good investment? The truth is, many things are not a good investment, but are necessary for day to day life. Artificial turf is a good investment. Besides the up- front cost, savings are realized almost immediately after installation, there is very low maintenance, you don’t have to purchase fuel, your water bill will be reduced, no purchasing fertilizers or chemicals that are harmful to the environment, beautification of an unsightly area and more time to enjoy life.

The 19th Hole Turf has removed many existing natural grass lawns to replace them with artificial turf. Customers are always surprised to learn their natural grass is not recycled but dumped in the landfill, which is not really the best investment when you consider all the time and effort that went into maintaining it over the years, Artificial turf installed properly will exceed warranty which can run up to 10 years in length, with the new generation of artificial turf coming out its more likely twenty years, providing real savings to the customer over this time period. Your initial investment often is recouped with-in 2 to 3 years with an average size artificial turf installation. How many things can you purchase today that will start saving you money after the initial investment is paid for?

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