Our Artificial Turf is Made in the U.S.A.

A question we are often asked is where we get our artificial turf from.  The 19th Hole Turf has our artificial turf manufactured in the state of Georgia, U.S.A by one of the oldest and most experienced manufacturers in North America.  The company is aligned with one of the top producers of the raw product needed to make artificial turf.  This makes it easy for them to always be on the cutting edge of new products and innovation.  With 11 years experience installing artificial turf, The 19th Hole Turf has seen many different types of artificial turf from many areas of the world.  We have also had many offers from companies worldwide to carry other brands of artificial turf.  Switching products was of little interest to The 19th Hole Turf as we are supplied a quality product.  They are responsible for the manufacturing of 2500 athletic sports fields around the world.  At The 19th Hole Turf , we believe that a quality manufacturer goes a long way.  Our manufacturer provides artificial turf to a selection of qualified dealers only, which provides a quality product that is installed properly by professionals. Our manufacturer is a member of the synthetic turf council which oversees the artificial turf industry in North America setting the standards for a quality product.  Knowing that they belong to this organization is another reason why they are our manufacturer.  They have a proven track record with many years in the artificial turf industry which helps us to provide the end user our customers with the upmost in quality. Experience and quality definitely goes a long way!

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