Proper Installation of Artificial Turf

There is only one way to install artificial turf, the correct way. Artificial turf is an expensive proposition and its long-term durability relies on proper installation, the 19th hole turf has been installing artificial turf for 16 years, the system we use was developed by us, we provide the customer with a professional installation that will last for years. If there is an existing natural lawn in the area it must be removed to a depth (4-6inches) this will allow enough gravel and sand to permeate rain water that runs through the artificial turf and provide a solid foundation for the artificial turf to be laid on. Unlike sports fields that have thousands of pounds of infill material like rubber crumb and sand holding the turf down, artificial turf for residential and commercial applications is better pinned to the ground in a grid pattern throughout the turf and around the perimeter, the artificial turf expands and contracts much like carpet, the more it is held down the better, we have done this since day one, it is better than using a sand infill material which can get very compacted over time and is a median for weed growth into the turf. The artificial turf you choose is also very important, check the warranty should be 8-10 years, make sure the company can back it up, is there workmanship guaranteed, does the job become certified, check out the companies your thinking of hiring for some jobs that were done a few years back and see how things are holding up with the install.

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