The 19th Hole Turf Reflects On 15 Years In Artificial Turf

IMG_2225 (2) (Large)How time flies when you’re having fun installing artificial turf! With 2015 almost in the books we thought it time to reflect on a journey that began in 2001 with our first artificial putting green install in Victoria B.C and the first artificial turf lawn installation in Victoria in 2003 to today where we are celebrating a few hundred installs of artificial turf from Greater Victoria, Vancouver Island to Vancouver and the lower mainland. Customers often ask why we got into artificial turf, simply because we felt a need to be providing something different to potential customers. Starting out as one of the many landscape companies in Victoria B.C. it became apparent early on that we did not want to offer the same old traditional landscaping, we wanted to give customers options, we also felt that since the artificial turf industry was in its early stages it would only improve with product innovation, technology and customer awareness.

IM000044 (Large)To better understand the artificial turf industry we took a trip in 2004 down to Georgia in the U.S.A to visit with the manufacturer of the artificial turf to see all stages in the production of artificial turf, up until this time we had just been ordering the turf from samples provided by the manufacturer, it was an eye opening experience. Around the area we were taken to see some of the many applications for artificial turf which included rooftops, playgrounds, medians, sports fields endless possibilities, up to this point we had been installing putting greens and lawns as artificial turf was still relatively unknown in the area. We have now installed artificial turf for almost every imaginable application known to mankind, maybe some are a little weird, and sometimes it’s good to be different.

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